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Teacan Tea

At Teacan we believe in only the best quality superior whole leaf tea on the market.

Our friends at Estate Tea Co ensure every cup of Teacan tea tastes great.

Single origin teas

The teas from around the world taste differently because of the variations in a lot of factors. Some of these are differences in weather, altitude, quantum of daylight and planting material. Also, within the estate there could be variations in the quality through-out the year because of the changes in factors like temperature, rainfall and difference in the chemical constituent of tea in each season.

The true tea connoisseurs enjoy these differences in the same way that wine connoisseurs enjoy the differences in the flavour of wines from different vineyards and wine producing regions. This kind of specialty tea is marketed with the name of the particular tea garden and even sometimes by the season. The different types of tea produced allows tea lovers to appreciate the different flavours associated with different teas across different flushes.

Blended Teas

Blending teas is an art form. It’s not just about throwing ingredients together, but requires years of experience, and a great deal of knowledge about the properties of the ingredients used. While one of our aims is to source single estate teas, some blended teas are just too good to miss out on.

An example of a relatively simple blend would be English Breakfast blend, and yet great thought is put into its construction. For example, one of the key characteristics of English Breakfast is its rich, malty flavour and fast brewing time. By using black tea with two different yet complementing flavours we can achieve this.

Teacan Tea

Because the flavours can be balanced out, the blending process can help in creating a consistent flavour profile for the tea. This level of consistency means that we can provide you with excellent quality each and every time you try a cup of our tea.

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