We use the highest quality water-soluble CBD in all our products.

Although the benefits of CBD are widely known from patient experience, relating to anxiety, sleep, pain relief and anti-inflammation, making any medical claims about CBD is not permitted by EU law currently. However, there is growing evidence and studies available at the touch of a button online, so we urge you to do your research.

If you’re new to CBD or know very little about it, we have packaged up some information that you will find helpful below.


What is CBD

CBD is short for Cannabidiol – it is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the hemp plant.

Some key facts about CBD you should know:

  • Non-psychoactive – does not get you ‘high’ or bind with any receptors in the brain.

  • Is non-addictive and you cannot overdose on CBD

  • Proven to promote homeostasis in the body by helping to facilitate the immune, nervous and endocrine systems (amongst many other several physiological systems).

  • Acts on the Endocannabinoid system – linked to the reward system.

  • Encourages the release and regulation of the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids


The dosage of water soluble CBD in each tea bag is 4mg. As this is water soluble CBD, 90% of it is absorbed by the body and therefore is approximately x10 stronger than CBD oil. This allows each cup to act as an effective dose of CBD. We recommend starting out on 1-2 cups per day but increasing as you see fit. Everyone is different in the metabolic and physiological make up, so for some people additional CBD may be required – but for most people 1-2 cups per day is adequate to get the benefits of our CBD tea.

The way we have selected our CBD extract has been based on the below key elements:

Low temperature extraction method

The way that CBD is extracted from the natural hemp plant material is key to the quality. As a general rule the less chemicals and the lower the temperatures are used in the extraction method, the more natural and holistic the extract is containing the CBD. We believe in cold press or CO2 extraction as our extraction methods.

Full Spectrum / Entourage effect

Taking CBD in its most naturally occurring state along with other cannabinoids and terpenes contained within the plant material is by far the best way to consume CBD. Many companies isolate just the CBD only using chemically driven methods to save costs but this really is the most unnatural way for your body to digest and absorb CBD – which is always a bad thing! We only use CBD that is as close as possible to how it naturally occurs in nature to maximise the ‘entourage effect’.

Water Soluble

CBD is typically combined with an oil (e.g. hemp seed oil) and sold in small bottles and then drops are absorbed sub-lingually – through the blood vessels under the tongue. The problem with this is that if some of the oil is swallowed then it loses the effectiveness of being absorbed and therefore is broken down by the body before it can take effect. A new type of water soluble CBD extract is now available and has the added benefits of being prepared with Curcumin (Tumeric). As it is water soluble, it can be absorbed by the body and swallowed into the stomach, along with a drink, such as tea.  

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