What the new NICE guidelines mean for the CBD industry

The new NICE guidelines (the official NHS drug advisory body) have been released and include two drugs containing CBD, Epidyolex and Sativex.

Although this update relates only to control of seizures, the other widely known benefits of CBD for pain relief, inflammation and sleep/anxiety have been ignored. This may seem like a poor outcome for all of those knowledgable on CBD, however this there is one critically important factor here – safety.

The NICE guidelines have essentially approved CBD in the higher doses contained within Epidyolex (100mg of CBD per average administration) which should provide peace of mind for clinicians and new users of CBD.

This is a really positive step for the industry that is slowly gaining government recognition and approval. Alongside Professor David Nutts study announced last week, the government are waking up to the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant.

However, a word of caution, this is potentially an example of big pharma moving towards a controlled market for CBD and tighter regulations for the benefit of their shareholders.

As an industry, CBD vendors must try and ensure the quality of their CBD supply chain and not cut corners when it comes to quality assurance procedures and selection.

There are some interesting times ahead for the industry and this is just one of many steps in the CBD and Cannabis journey in the UK – watch this space!